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Case one coming 2nd January! Keep an eye out!

Join a grumpy detective and her hacker extraordinaire as they investigate the shady underworld of their small town. 

When the local police precinct stops communicating with January Edward's investigation firm, she takes on a basic infidelity case to pay the rent. Unfortunately for Jan, nothing is ever basic in her life. Help January and Fern find the truth behind the affairs, dodgy dealings and the corrupt cops of Northpool Green!

January Edwards: Private Detective is a puzzle visual novel with one ending, but several ways to get there (or to game over!).  

This demo takes around 15 minutes to complete. 


Demo and Feedback

As this is a demo, some elements may be a little buggy or unpolished. 

I'm  looking for feedback to take into a longer version of the game, so please comment or email me at amy.f.stevens1@gmail.com if you have anything to say! 


JanuaryEdwards-0.1-pc.zip 212 MB


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I liked the demo and the dynamic between January and Fern. And I bet there's a LOT to get into with Avery. :)


Thanks for playing! Great to see Let's Plays of the game. 🥰

Haha yup...she's gonna feature more in the future. Very interesting speculations you had on what their past relationship might be 😉

Oh, I predict some tension... like... former lovers tension between Jan and Avery. And Fern will not like to find out about that past... :)