A little poetry generator prototype.

Choose random lines offered to you to create a four line poem. Sometimes you can create surprisingly synchronous poems. Sometimes it's garbage.

The system now picks from various human-curated lists of lines using markov chain probability, which should make the poems make a little sense. 

I like that we can find personal meaning in seemingly random things, and these poems are no exception to that.  

I might update with some edits/additions to the dataset. It's just a bunch of phrases I jotted down in my notes app right now. 

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GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsExperimental, poetry, Short


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"I will not stress endlessly,
Lost in the moment,
My words have no meaning,
This doesn't need to be good."

There has never been a bigger mood than this before haha.


Ahh I love this! 

Haha yes. Glad to see the themes that are coming through are universal and not just my own feelings remixed via computer.